Vans Authentic (Washed Canvas)

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For this classic line element VANS model incorporation in 1966, AUTHENTIC (Authentic). The top is a combination of cloth material and gingival insole with laundry treatment. According to the way the shoes are manufactured, there may be glue and deformation of adhesion and adhesive stitching, but please note that it is not a defective item.

* Material: Canvas
* Cleaning Care: There is a possibility that
The adhesive dissolves by washing with water
, Causing a stain.
* Please avoid washing with water.

* Estimated size
(Due to individual differences, please consider them as evidence only.)

Making this shoe is standard.
For display / Takashi Takashi, we recommend the size of 0.5 cm above.

Since the images are samples, there may be some changes in specifications and a slight difference in color tone